Decided to Stay

May 30th, 2016
Watertown, NY

Well, having survived the winter here, having a job offer for after Demob, and having no home or job to return to in California, I have decided to stay here in New York.  For at least a few years, in any case.  To that end, I’m buying a house.


A contractor working at my clinic left in March.  I thought it way too early to apply, since I would not be able to start until August (after Demob), but my boss encouraged me to apply.  I was certain the contract agency would not put forward my name as they would prefer some who could start sooner, but they were thrilled to hear from me.  It would appear, ahem, that finding people willing to work here is not an easy task.

So I am set to start the second week in August.  Same clinic, same desk, same team, same patients, only in civvies instead of in uniform.

The house is 50 years old, but fairly well updated and on 1.7 acres of lightly wooded land.  And exceptionally close to Fort Drum – just 1.4 miles from the gate.

Observations About The Winter Here

It was not that bad.  Granted even the locals think this was a mild winter.  No particularly heavy snows.  Cold, but not brutally so.  The coldest day was -14.  That wasn’t so bad until I spent 15 minutes outside helping jump start my doofus neighbor’s car.  Then it felt pretty flippin’ cold.  The next morning it was -24 and I was tempted to go outside for the bragging rights of having experienced that, but thought better of it, had a nice breakfast and stayed inside to read.

Salt:  I can remember my dad telling me as a kid about salting of roads.  I imagined Morton’s table salt.  What they actually use to more akin to dirt.  It quickly makes a beautiful white fresh snowfall look dirty and disgusting.  My truck is already showing signs of rust.  After just one winter.

Spring:  The winter wasn’t bad, but the interminably long spring sucked.  It never really warmed up for good until mid-May.  That will take some getting used to.

I got together with all my brothers for my birthday in December, which was great.  Took a walk on Venice Beach the night before I flew home.


The next morning in NY it was -4.