Seborga Day 6: Burro Hunting and San Remo (Again)

October 7th, 2016
Seborga & San Remo

After such an exciting few days, we decided to start the morning a little different and…lazed around after a leisurely breakfast and shot the shit.  Why fix it if it ain’t broke.

Later, having all week long heard braying, both in email and locally, we decided to locate the burro we had been calling Al.

Mike drove up the road on which our apartment lies and, with a few diversions, ended up at a tiny village and a road sign to an agriturismo B&B.  The roads were quite narrow, however, so Mike turned around and we headed back, only to find a van blocking the road and no visible driver.  John got out to reconnoiter and soon came back claiming knowledge of the location of Al.  He apparently garnered such knowledge by making braying noises at the van driver who adjudged him a raving lunatic and…no, wait, actually the Italian driver somehow knew what John meant and guided us back to the very same agriturismo B&B.  We arrived at what was a very nice little place with a spectacular view of the valley below.  John engaged the friendly owner who stated he had no burro, only sheep.  And the latter were “on holiday.”  The friendly owner then directed us to “via Casette,” “on the other side.”  Though on the other side of what wasn’t exactly clear.

Looking for Al:


John interrogates the friendly B&B owner:


We headed back to the village and, after slight overshot downhill, let google maps guide us to via Casette, and parked.  At which time Mike and John wandered off in the exact wrong direction.  I almost immediately found via Casette, and soon after also found Al.

Via Casette, with our apartment home just to the left in the background:


And, of course, Al.


Afterward we headed directly beachward to find food (burro hunting being strenuous work), but found nothing of interest, so headed east to San Remo for keb[oa]b and falafel, followed by gelato eaten at the beach.

The weather here this week has been splendid and simply driving around the area, or walking around small pleasant towns is most enjoyable.