The Wilderness Medical Society is the best thing going for medicine in austere environments.

For wilderness, backcountry, or tactical medical supplies, consider Chinook Medical, North American Rescue, or Conterra.

Search and Rescue

I would highly encourage anyone to support (like with dollars) their local volunteer search and rescue (SAR) team.  You’ll never fully appreciate them until they save you from dying in the wilderness.

Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit is my favorite.  (Been a member for ten years.)

The Mountain Rescue Association is also a good resource.

Desert Oddness

For interesting, historic, or just plain odd doings in the desert (and sometimes beyond), check out: for the misadventures of a seriously warped person (who seems to be able to con me into accompanying him with a frequency that I find disturbing).

If Death Valley, old mining camps, and fine photography appeal, take a look at Jack Freer’s Desert Fog.

The DzrtGrls have an impressive archive of trips to cool desert locations,  They do careful research and go to cool places.  With a little research of your own, you can sometimes figure out the locations.

Online Forums That Interest Me

The San Jacinto Message Board is an excellent resource for my local mountains.

Expedition Portal is a great forum for those interested in expedition travel who also have too much money to spend on their vehicle.

Summit Post is a good general mountaineering site with write-ups of hikes and peak bagging.